Between 2016 & 2018, I co-facilitated the dance workshops called “Rising” which took place at Dartington Hex studios on the old campus that moved lock & stock to the academy at Falmouth University which I attended for 2 years while doing my degree.

My main job was the music, designing the 80 minute soundscape (on Cubase), setting up & running the sound system & helping lead the participants into the dance by using a shaker & generally vibing.

The video above was filmed & edited by myself on Adobe Premier Pro & is shown with full permission of all the participants, of which I was one.

I now wish to combine my knowledge & training with warm up games, gained at the academy, & experience with the Rising workshops, to develop a new kind of workshop focusing on enhancing interaction & thereby confidence & self esteem with many different kinds of people.

I wish to take these workshops initially to festivals in 2020 then hopefully into the wider world to eventually work in prisons & with special needs groups.

For the past few years’ summer seasons, I have been volunteering with Majical Youth who run the kids areas at the big festivals. I help to put up the marquees & run workshops teaching drama to large groups of children. For this we get a free ticket (often worth up to £200), expenses & 3 meals a day. Every day of the festival, twice a day, our group of volunteer facilitators would process through the site in full costume to invite people to take part or to watch the completed play which would be written & performed entirely by the children, with our help.

I also sometimes join in & jam with the Samba band who process around the site & I have also led a Samba drumming workshop at the Into The Wild Festival near Brighton.

We also took the Rising workshop to Buddhafield Festival in 2018 where we were filmed for local television.