The 4 years of training I have received at the Eden Project & the Academy of Music And Theatre Arts (AMATA) at Falmouth University has opened my eyes & widened my aspirations as to how I wish to share my skills & knowledge with the community.

Having been a dancer & DJ for 40 years now, with various nightclub promoting & rave organising experiences & added to my experience with organising & facilitating Tantric dance workshops, I have decided to combine all my skills & experience together to create a protocol & series of workshops.

These workshops will have the aim of increasing confidence & self esteem by encouraging interaction through the playing of warm up games which will lead into interactive dance. I design soundscapes with an eclectic mix of insect noise, birds, sea, beautiful chilled out music rising in stages to hands-in-the-air dance music & then falling in stages back to grounding & nourishing sounds.

These workshops will have a versatile protocol that could be tailored to groups & environments such as schools, further education institutions, prisons, special needs groups & self development classes offered to anyone who wishes to come. I have experience of building up workshops from just a few people to 60 people eventually.

As a sideline I intend to get an agent so I can be considered for acting roles in theatre, TV, films & adverts. I am fully aware that this business can be sporadic when it comes to work, so I have a solid plan as my main direction which are the workshops.

I can also stretch myself to corporate coaching, team building, motivational speaking appointments & seminars which will utilise all of my skills.

Hopefully, if the Covid 19 scare doesn’t stop the summer festivals from happening in 2020, I will test run my workshops at the large festivals such as Buddhafield & Into The Wild. From these festival workshops I will collect email addresses which I will collate & curate to see where interest might lie for these sort of workshops.

After the festival season I intend to concentrate my efforts to promote my workshops in Totnes, Plymouth, Exeter, Truro & Penzance as there are already established workshop scenes in the bigger cities. Totnes is overun with dance workshops but they can be a bit “samey samey” & I sincerely believe that my approach is new & highly original.

One of my initial plans for marketing & promoting my work will be through social media such as Facebook & Instagram. I also belong to a large network through spiritual groups & various facebook groups where I am well known. I will offer free taster workshops in some places as my overheads will be very low & probably only be the cost of the venue for 2 or 3 hours. I have my own large sound system, lights & have many friends who would like to get involved just for the fun of it.

This plan will start after the completion & submission to AMATA of my website which will be this weekend, the 21st March 2020. I will send my website link to all the festivals around the country. As people from all over the country attend these festivals, it is highly likely that I will find many South West contacts with which I can share my visions.